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T is for Thomas Crown

T is for Thomas Crown #AtoZChallenge

As in The Thomas Crown Affair. The 1999 remake starring our old chum and former Bond (though he was still Bond at the time) Pierce Brosnan, along with Rene Russo and Denis Leary.

6.8 stars on IMDb. Six. Point. Eight. *shakes head in disgust*. Seven minutes short of two hours and *so* much fun.

I adore a good heist movie – Ocean’s Eleven, Inside Man, The Italian Job (yes, both the original and the…

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S is for Smokey and the Bandit

S is for Smokey and the Bandit. #AtoZChallenge

So much choice for my choice of ‘S’ movie. Star Wars? Star Trek? Sneakers? Slither? Signs?

All good choices. But no. S is for… Smokey and the Bandit. Oh my.

1977. 6.8 stars. But! Nominated for an Oscar! Bet you didn’t know that, did you? It was also the second-highest grossing film of 1977, beaten only by a little film going by the name of Star Wars…

It was also one of Hitchcock’s guilty…

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Q is for Quantum of Solace

Q is for Quantum of Solace #AtoZChallenge

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while – I’ve always known that my Q film would be Quantum of Solace and I want to explain why it’s better than you think.

Clocking in at a paltry 6.7 stars on IMDb, QoS arrived in 2008, two years after Daniel Craig burst onto the scene in Casino Royaleand redefined Bond for a new era. Marc Forster picks up directing duties from Martin Campbell and the story…

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P is for Pitch Black

P is for Pitch Black #AtoZChallenge

Some of the letters of my A-Z movie challenge have been… tricky. Not so, P. The obvious choice would be The Princess Bride. With 8.2 stars and #176 on the IMDb Top 250, and clocking in at 98 minutes (more or less the perfect length for a movie) it’d be a safe choice.

But instead I’m going for Pitch Black. A paltry 7.1 stars on IMDb and running to 109 minutes, it should pale in comparison.


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N is for National Treasure

N is for National Treasure. #AtoZChallenge

Someone mentioned that my A-Z was very… mainstream and family-friendly. Just wait until you get to O…

I don’t care – this is my A-Z! I got a bit carried away late last night and scheduled my O film for this morning. O is for ‘ooops’, it would seem, because I’ve missed out N! The alphabet is *hard*, man.

N then is for National Treasure. A pure ‘guilty pleasure’ film if ever there was one. That’s…

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O is for Oldboy

O is for Oldboy. The 2003 original, of course. #AtoZChallenge


Oldboy theatrical poster

We’re talking the original Korean version, of course. Apparently Spike Lee has remade it for the American market for some reason. I’m generally not a fan of remakes (with a few notable exceptions) especially where the original is as utterly stunning as Chan-wook Park’s 2003 movie is.

A very healthy 8.4 stars on IMDb, Oldboy comes in at #72 on the IMDb Top 250 and rightly so. Oldboy is…

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L is for Labyrinth

L is for Labyrinth #AtoZChallenge

Labyrinth. 1986, 7.4 stars. Jim Henson’s final feature film as director, and produced by good old George Lucas himself.

I’d seen and loved The Dark Crystalin 1982, so was excited to see this new movie coming out in the cinema. Somehow (and time does dim the memory somewhat) the 15 year-old me had managed to get hold of a bunch of free tickets to a Saturday morning showing – I’d handed them out to…

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